How do you feel,
when your see yourself on pictures, on camera or in the mirror?
Are you excited? Or embaressed?
What thoughts are coming up in your mind?
Do you wish you could turn back the time?
Do you wish to feel more sexy and attractive?

In the Yoga4Face method, Renée Isermann has put her knowledge and experience of 30 years into practice.
Simple exercises for face and body that will improve your appearance and give you well-being on all levels.
In addition, she gives insights into the ancient secrets of beauty recipes,
which were already used by Cleopatra.

These 4 steps make her method so effective:
1. Facial Muscle Training
2. Inner realignment
3. Intentional breathing
4. Cell - RESET by nature

With 30 minutes a day, you will look 10 years younger on your selfies after just 30 days,
Your face is
radiant and you have firmer skin.

There are more gifts for you
  • less stress
  • better communication with your partner, familie, friends
  • better sleep
  • more energy
  • more self-esteem, more radiance,
  • more self- love, more self- awareness
  • more self-confidence and more self-assurance.
Over 1.000 of clients worked with Renée in the last 2 years.
Now you have the chance in the US to get started without any prior knowledge or long studying,
to a new beauty routine for 30 days, so that you can unfold your most beautiful "I"!

Are you in ?
Let s go!

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Course plan

The weekly Time4Me Live-Training
Let's go!
Week 1: Your Forehead
Week 2: Your Neck and Jaw
Week 3: Your Eyes
Week 4: Your Nasolabial Folds and Lips